Wizycart is our unique product ready to put you in the e-commerce world. Built with the latest technologies available, it offers a full suite for your business to go online. Based upon our long experience of what a modern e-shop needs, we put together Wizycart to counter all the challenges and ensure a care-free experience for you and your customers.
The way to do more
As our platform is made solely for e-commerce purposes, it offers a hustle-free experience avoiding the bloated and often confusing workflow of other multi-purposed CRMs. With less time consumed by your e-shop you can focus on the real needs of your business.
Wizycart theme
Wizycart theme
Adaptable to your style
Ready doesn't mean fixed. Although Wizycart is a ready-to-go product, you can customize it easily to match your business preferences and aesthetics. Change the colors and feel, choose the way you want your products and services to be presented.
Faster and safer
Wizycart is built with safety and speed first in mind. While many popular platforms offer you some functionality through their plug-ins and addons, they can be targeted by attackers exploiting these extras or make your website feel really slow.
Wizycart theme
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The cart to move you forward